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How to Get Over the Mom-Guilt

Can we talk about mom-guilt for a quick minute?

I know it’s not a fun topic – but it feels all too important to NOT talk about it.

We’re entering a new season of spring which usually means a fully loaded schedule all around. But really it seems that no matter what time of year it is, as a working mama, we are constantly plagued by the pull of work and home life. Which inevitably leads to us falling into feeling guilty of not being “there” for one thing or another.

My friend, Christy Wright, talks about how when we’re at work, we think about all the things our kids and family need, and when we’re at home, we think about everything we need to do for work.

Our minds have a hard time actually being where we are. It’s a daily battle!

And from what our kids eat – to what they wear – to the school they attend – to which extracurricular activities they participate in – it’s no wonder we worry over every little detail of their life.

It’s even far worse if you’re a brand new mom with an infant in your care!

In a 2019 New York Post article, it says, “Moms spend over 1,400 hours worrying about their baby’s health in the first year – that’s over eight weeks of nothing but concern, according to a new survey. During that time, on average, a mom conducts 330 Google or internet searches about her baby’s health and related parenting matters.”

That’s bananas!

I remember, 14 years ago, as a brand new young mom, I definitely had my fair share of Googling. I read all the typical “What to Expect” and “Baby’s First Year” types of books. I subscribed to a site that sent me weekly updates on my child’s development, depending on his age. I wanted knowledge about this little creature that the hospital just placed into my arms and sent me home with – without a manual!

I looked to other moms for wisdom, and I recalled words from my late grandmother on my mom’s side. She died when I was very young, but I still have some of her letters and even a baby book that she had made for me. I love pouring over her handwritten words and she included lots of Scripture about not worrying.

I think she knew, as a working mom herself back then, she carried her own mom-guilt just like so many of us do today.

So here’s something I’m learning – choosing to simply not worry these days.


Because worrying doesn’t serve you, friend. It only brings you anxiety and stress. It literally does you no good.

And guess what – you can make the same choice for your own mental and emotional health to not worry.

I want to reassure you that this type of mindset does NOT equate to not caring. I care a great deal! And I know you do too. I am becoming more intentional with each passing year that my children grow older, knowing that someday, they will not be under my roof.

They will only spend so much time with me, under my care.

So how do you choose to not worry? How do you get over the mom-guilt?

You can choose to be present instead. Simply be where your feet are.

So what does that look like? When you’re with your family – BE there with them, mind, body and spirit. When you’re focused on your work and your business, BE there.

I think of it like building a muscle. It takes time and effort and energy. But it’s possible! The more you practice being present where you are, the easier it becomes.

I imagine you’re a “family comes before work” type of gal. Me too – but that’s easier said than done. If you want to practice being more present, I recommend checking out #4 on my Smart Time Hacks list which helps you create your work schedule around your family’s schedule.

This exercise is super practical and can help you find more of that balance you’re craving. Which also means less mom-guilt! Hallelujah!

After all, you became an entrepreneur for more time and financial freedom – but maybe you’re feeling buried under the worry of mom-guilt. I say – no more! I’ll show you the simple step you can take so you’re no longer thinking about work when at home or home when at work.

Want to get the full guide? I’ve got your back! Grab my FREE Smart Time Hacks Guide that includes my top 5 hacks to help you take back your time AND take care of yourself & your family in the process.

Less worry and more JOY in your life!

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Each “hack” includes easy-to-incorporate steps that will actually help you be more present in your life. This resource will help you break free from the overwhelm, get rid of the mom-guilt, and experience more joy every day!

Tell me know in the comments which hack you’ve tried and how you’ll incorporate it into your daily life! I can’t wait to hear about it.

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