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The Constant Battle: What’s Worth Fighting For?

As moms and creative entrepreneurs, we’re in a constant battle between hustle culture and our desire to be intentional. We want to spend our time with the people that matter to us, and the work that ignites our passion and purpose.

We inevitably feel the weight of overwhelm from being pulled in a million directions. Anxiety and fears can fill our minds. We lose out on precious time by thinking (or rather, worrying) about our work when we’re at home, and our home life when we’re trying to focus on our work. So how do you know what to fight for and when?

On the one hand, hustle culture tells us:

“Work hard! Go after your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you!”

And then reality calls – and it’s your kid’s school to tell you your son has a fever and you need to come pick him up.

This very thing happened just yesterday. A woman came to the co-working space that I was checking out as a potential new writing space, and about 25 minutes after settling into her work, she received a phone call from her son’s school that dismantled her afternoon.

She said, only slightly annoyed, “What are you going to do? It is what it is.”

I can certainly relate. As a momma of four boys, it’s a minor miracle if I can go a full week without some kind of interruption in my work day due to either someone being sick or hurt. I’m all too familiar with that phone call from the school.

Is it terrible of me when I see their school call and my first reaction is to hit “ignore?” I mean, I can always call them back…

But seriously, I make it a point to carve out meaningful moments with my loved ones. And I bet you do too. While this certainly fills my heart, these four energetic humans tax my body, my time, and my emotions.

So I have it on my heart to help women like you – and I pursue this work that ignites my passion and my purpose.

There’s a delicate balance there, and finding it takes time, effort, and energy.

In the chaos of daily life, achieving balance can feel like an elusive dream. Which can lead to a sense of overwhelm.

But we’ve talked about this before – we know that ultimately finding balance is simply asking ourselves, “What’s right, right now?”

And now it’s time to stop wasting your time with being stuck in your overwhelm and to start being intentional. But how do we do this? What’s the solution?

Today, I want to give you three ways you can choose intentionality – whether you’re hanging out with your family, or working hard to hit your goals.

This will help you create clarity around what matters to you right now, where you are. And when you have clarity, you know what you’re fighting for.

  1. Prioritize your non-negotiables: In the whirlwind of responsibilities you own, it’s essential to identify your non-negotiables—the aspects of your life that hold the utmost importance. Whether it’s quality time with family, self-care rituals, or dedicated work hours, pinpointing these priorities allows you to allocate your time and energy accordingly. By consciously protecting these non-negotiables, you create a sturdy foundation for balance amidst the chaos.
  2. Embrace boundaries: Boundaries serve as protective barriers, shielding your time and energy from external demands and distractions. However, setting boundaries isn’t merely about saying “no” to others—it’s about saying “yes” to yourself and your well-being. You can embrace your boundaries with grace, understanding that they are essential for preserving your mental and emotional health. If you work from home, then establish designated work hours. You can implement technology-free zones like at the dinner table, or schedule regular self-care breaks such as taking a walk. Prioritize your boundaries as a means of fostering balance and preserving your vitality.
  3. Cultivate present-moment awareness: In the juggling act of motherhood and entrepreneurship, it’s easy to get swept away by the currents of past regrets or future anxieties. However, true balance lives in the present moment. Remember – it’s about what’s right, right now. You can cultivate mindfulness and be aware of the present which will serve as an anchor amidst the ebb and flow of daily life. Practice being fully immersed in the here and now, savoring each moment with your loved ones and approaching your work with focused attention and intentionality. This looks like putting your phone down when someone is talking to you. You can silence notifications during family time (and even during time that you need to do deep focus work!) By embracing the power of being present, you’ll experience more peace that transcends the chaos of external circumstances.

My friend, balance is not a destination but a dynamic journey—a continuous ebb and flow of priorities, boundaries, and learning to be present. By prioritizing your non-negotiables, embracing your boundaries with grace, and cultivating present-moment awareness, you empower yourself to navigate this journey with intentionality and grace.

Let’s embrace the beauty (and sometimes the messiness) of balance as we journey towards a life filled with JOY and fulfillment.

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