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Why it’s time to quit your New Year’s resolutions

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Truly, I live for it. First of all, shameless plug – January is my jam because it’s my birthday month. (Yes, I celebrate pretty much all month long. Don’t you?!) I also love it because after the holidays have worn out their welcome, there’s something special and sparkly about a wintery month that is full of potential, excitement and newness.

I also love January because it means a fresh hot-off-the-press planner. This provides the perfect backdrop for all my hopes, dreams, inspirations, and of course, plans, for the year.

For nearly eight years now, I’ve been putting my plans and goals on paper. This exercise has proven vital to my success. So hear me when I say, getting your plans on paper is a BIG deal. And I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so.

In fact – it’s such a big deal – a 40% bigger deal because research has shown that you are 40% MORE likely to accomplish your goals if you simply write them down. Woah! I mean, why wouldn’t you do that?

But there is another side to this shiny coin.

Taking action.

Nothing will change in your life if you don’t take action.

I’m living proof. I worked at the same company for seven years until one day, my boss told me our largest client was being bought out, and that meant I was no longer on the account, and now out of a job. At the time, it was devastating.

But I was determined. The very next month, I founded my first business and matched my salary within that first 10 months. Yes, I wrote down my goal. But then I took action.

So while I will always encourage you to write your goals down (preferably in a pretty planner like the one I created, for instance) …but it won’t do you ANY good if it just sits there on your desk all year long!

You have to take action.

Is it scary? For sure.

Does it feel entirely out of your comfort zone? Absolutely.

Will there be days you completely question what the heck you’re doing? Yes, with certainty!

But action is the antidote to fear, my friend.

Here’s an action you can take TODAY. Quit your New Year’s resolutions. And instead, create a vision for your year and goals that you’re actually excited about!!

Want to learn my step-by-step process on how to do that? Sign up for my new 4-week course: Get Back to Goals: 10x your momentum, get rid of the guilt, and create goals that matter to you!

I can’t wait to help you gain the confidence you need to take your plans from on paper to on purpose.

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